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How to get Thousands of Dollars of Free Publicity, & Attract Readers and Clients, Like Bees to Honey 

Relying on Amazon to find your readers & clients? You are sunk! 

 Are you an author who is ready to scale your business, but are feeling like you are unknown or invisible to your target audience, and worry that you lack credibility…? 


Are looking to leverage your book to get speaking gigs, get more clients, or launch a new program?

Then Publicity DONE RIGHT will provide you with instant expert POSITIONING and instant CREDIBILITY 

The best part is, being featured in the media is like an endorsement from the journalist or publication, and it conveys to the reader that you are a trusted expert. 

 ..............................................................................................PP Publicity DONE RIGHT gets people primed to start working with you!

Whether you are about to publish your book, or it is already published, you can still build buzz and get publicity for you and your book. 

Authors, are you struggling with:

Overcoming your self-doubts enough to put your book out there and get it the attention it deserves 

Struggling to figure out who your audience is, and how to reach them, and then once you do, how to engage readers 

Debating whether you need publicity AND social media 

Struggling with little to no budget, and wondering how to spend money wisely? is it even worth spending any money oneself? How much? 

When it comes to publicity, do you wonder 

➤ Whether you need to hire an expensive PR Firm 

➤ How to do your own publicity or even where to start 

➤ How to 'generate 'free' publicity and gain traction?


You love writing but hate the PR and sales part of the book world. 

You wonder, with all the strategies and services out there, how do you know which ones are credible and will provide a Return on Your Investment? 

 And then you are stuck and don’t take any action. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

That is why I created the Author Visibility Builder Program, to show Non- Fiction Authors just like you how to do your own Public Relations and get featured in the the media without spending all your time or all your money  

Imagine what it will be like once you learn my simple Author Visibility Builder System, and you are regularly getting featured in a variety of media! 

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When You Go Through Author Visibiliy Builder, You will:

Be completely confident about doing your own PR for you and your book 

Have your own custom blueprint & action plan to follow [in less than 30 min a .......day] 

Have your own fill in the blanks templates to use for almost any type of PR Pitch ........[customize them in minutes] 

Be ready when a journalist calls you – You have identified your key messaging ........and your Media Kit can be delivered with the push of a button.

And have the know-how to:

Identify the right journalists and media outlets who cover your topic 

Build relationships with the media, for greater long term results 

Pitch the media – just follow your script 

Follow up with the media; how, when, and exactly what to say – just follow your ........script 

Leverage and amplify the publicity you receive [to help you get more publicity].....




Join me for Author Visibility Builder – 8-week program 

I’ll take you by the hand and teach you how to get free Publicity and National Media coverage for you and your book, and how to turn that publicity into profits. 

In the course I’ll help you create your custom PR roadmap… an easy to follow action plan, and show you the best PR resources and tools [free, low cost, premium] 

You will leave with your own Author Visibility Builder system, which, once set up, you can lather, rinse and repeat to get publicity over and over again.

Jane Tabachnick is the founder of Jane Tabachnick & Co. and Simply Good Press. She works with savvy entrepreneurs and enlightened professionals to help them become published authors, build buzz and get more visibility. Jane is the author of Plain Jane’s Promotional Planner and is working on her next book - Irresistible Influence. Jane has helped create over 150 Bestselling Books and has been featured In: CNN, WWD, Fast Company, Crain’s NY Biz, CBS, ClickZ, Successful Blogging, iHeart Radio..

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The Author Visibility Program contains everything you could want to know, so you can do your on Publicity successfully

Module 1 - Fire Up Your PR Machine 

Get ready for your close up. Set up the tools that will automate and jumpstart your Author Visibility Builder [free with the course]. Media opportunities will be delivered to you regularly, starting within 24 hours 

Module 2 - Find Your Irresistible Story Hooks That the Media Will Love

We’ll take your great book and unique expertise, and we’ll package it in a way that will make it irresistible to the media. We’ll come up with 3 key story hooks that you can tailor to every type of media outlet using our fill in the blank templates. 

Module 3 - Find Your Audience

Identify your ideal media outlets and build your own custom, targeted media list for print, radio, TV and bloggers. We’ll cover how to find the specific journalist or producer who covers your topic, as well as their direct contact info. 

Module 4 - Perfect Pitch 

A perfect pitch is made up of a great story idea [your pitch], sent to the right media. We’ll cover the who, what, where, when and how of pitching. You’ll also get our proven fill in the blanks pitch templates.

Module 5 - Understand The Media 

In this module, we’ll take an in depth look at how the media work. We’ll look at Editorial Calendars, and how to use them to make targeted and well timed pitches. We’ll also cover how to build long lasting relationships with the media, which will result in more publicity for you for years to come. 

Module 6 - Leverage and Amplify 

In this module we’ll show you how to get the most mileage out of your publicity, and parlay it into additional publicity, opportunities and revenue.  

Module 7 - Create your own PR Blueprint and Action Plan 

In this module, we’ll combine all your work to date into your custom Author Visibility Builder action plan. You’ll know exactly what step to take and what to do next to get the publicity you are seeking.

Module 8 - Delegating and Outsourcing

In this module, we’ll cover what types of PR tasks you can delegate or outsource, so you can focus on your clients, speaking gigs or writing your next book. We’ll also cover where to find and hire the best freelancers, even on a small budget.

Sessions wil be conducted live. All you will need to attend is a web browser. All sessions will be recorded and be available in the member's area. 

............................................................ Bonus 1: Easy Author One Sheets - our stylish media kit templates - $97 value 

Bonus 2: List of Top 100 Media Outlets & Contact information - $199 value ............................................................

The Author Visibility Program - beta 

Program Starts on Jan 10, 2017

Regular Price $1499

Limited Spots. Once filled, we are closing the doors. 

Weekly training via webinar and recorded video, with ample time for Q and A.

100% Money Back Guarantee


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